3D models, renders, sketches, blocks of foam, fun, whatever
Headphone design inspired by VAVA's My New Swag
Two very different watches sharing the same body
Made in Cinema 4D
Grasshopper Lights
Lights modeled using Grasshopper 
Wine Set
Features a snack pan, candle holder, glass rack, and a decanter that can also be used as an ice bucket.

Concept Sketches

Egg Chair by Arne Jacobsen
Eames Molded Plywood Lounge Chair
Not a Beer Tap
3D modeld and rendered in Rhino
Le Beijing Roast Duck
A lazy Susan designed specifically for Beijing Roast Duck (Peking duck) using the aesthetics of Le Creuset. The dish wraps roasted duck meat, cucumbers, spring onions, and a special dark sauce in a thin layer of flour skin.
These squiggles can connect in many different and beautiful ways. They are 3D modeled in Solidworks and 3D printed.
Sippy, Drippy, Teeter
Form explorations and a set of food-related tools. Inspired from various objects: Russel Wright's "American Modern" Ceramics,  a seashell, and an old Bridge Spout Vessel.
Taking the things around me and tweaking them a little
Explode a Camcorder
I took apart a film camcorder, drew the components in exploded view, and created a 1:4 scale foam model
The 5K water bottle and belt are designed specifically for a mid/short distance run around 5 kilometers long. The bottle can be clipped to the belt, or on the user's clothes. It is designed to use with a single hand easily during a run. The optional belt holds the essentials (phones, keys, etc.) with an elastic and adjustable strap that fit more body types
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