I created an AR project that recognizes
an RISD ID and maps a graduation cap on top

I created the project in Unity, and used Vuforia to implement image recognition.
To best implement image recognition, I uploaded different formats of
my RISD ID to the data base, and tested how well each worked using a cube.
Image of the full, unaltered ID worked the best, but I wasn’t sure if the image recognition would work with other IDs, so I found a picture of a random RISD ID online.
It worked! 🎉
I then 3D modeled a graduation cap and swapped out the cube
Added colors and confettis, and wrote a script to rotate the cap as it shows up
Final step — I asked my friend to send over a picture of his RISD ID to make sure it really worked!
It is strange to graduate during such an uncertain time. I wanted to use the opportunity of staying at home almost 24/7 to create something and expose myself to a new skill. I hope everyone is staying healthy and taking care of themselves.
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